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Join Meetings Faster

Meeter is a 9to5Mac featured productivity app
Was it hangouts or zoom? Personal or work calendar? Cut through the noise by simply connecting your calendar, and Meeter will automatically pull all your upcoming calls and let you manage them in one place.

The issue with meetings

Meeter addresses an issue almost everyone has whilst working together remotely.

How calls work now

1. Check your calendar before the meeting.

2. Find the event you're looking for

3. Try to find the meeting link deep in the event notes

4. Copy the link into your browser

5. Initiate the call

How Meeter works

1. Check the Meeter app and click Join
See all your immediately upcoming meetings in one place

2. Enjoy the call.
That's it.

Simple UI

We will get out of your way, so you can get done what needs to be done. Our simple and minimalist macOS app allows you to easily view your upcoming meetings and join them.

Google Calendar Icon

Upcoming Calls
See all your upcoming calls from your calendar and join the call with one click. Simple as that.

Speed Dial
Directly call your FaceTime contacts, phone numbers and jump into recurring calls  from the menu bar.

Powerful Preferences

Meeter is the best app out there when it comes to managing your meetings. Our settings allow you to have complete control of all your meetings – saving you precious time.

Select how meetings are joined
You can choose if the link should be opened in a browser or if the native app should be launched.

See your upcoming meeting in the menu bar
Always be on top of your meetings. You can see the title and countdown to the next meeting in your calendar in the menu bar.

Minimalist Mode & Notifications

When joining a meeting, you want to do so in as few steps as needed. We got you covered, Meeter is built to be the fastest meeting experience.

Minimalist UI
You can choose to see a minimalist version of Meeter in the settings screen. This allows you to access the most important: Join calls with one click.

Meeter shows you a notification when your meeting is about to begin. Just click on it to jump right into the meeting. Snoozing is coming soon!

Supporting 30+ Platforms

Meeter includes a smart engine that can differentiate and classify meeting links from other links.
It can then launch the native meeting app for you without browser redirects.

Known from

Give it a try! It's free.

You need to have macOS Mojave or newer installed.

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